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Research collaboration with our international partners is central to the work of the Kyushu University UNESCO Chair. Our current projects include coordinating an investigation of ‘Context’ for a UNESCO ‘Assessment’ of Education (led by UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Delhi), which also involves scholars at several of our partner institutions. A major focus of our research concerns cultural diversity and the politics of identity, as these relate to educational policy and practice (especially in Asia contexts). We also conduct international, comparative research on the politics and ethics of citizenship education, and on the philosophy of education more broadly (again, with particular reference to Asia). We also conduct research on public culture and public history in Asian societies, which are often assigned a prominent role in campaigns of ‘patriotic education’ extending beyond schools and colleges. For example, the WARMAP project, in collaboration with UCL and the University of Western Australia, investigates the politics of conflict-related heritage across Asia.
Gandhi and Snow White

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Chinese Dream
Japanese children on parade

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